Costa Rica is Open...

*** UPDATE *** As of Nov 1st 2020, Costa Rica is open to all US citizens without a COVID test! 

Thousands of you have Costa Rica on your bucket list, and maybe 2020 was the year you had planned to finally get down to the land of Pura Vida "pure life." While COVID19 has thrown a wrench into just about everything, I have good news for you! As of September 1st, the country will initiate a selective reopen sequence to US Citizens. It begins with residents from: Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut. After September 15th Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Colorado will be added to the list.  Slowly they will reopen travel for the rest of the US. 
Tourists will be required to present the results of a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of their flight. In order to prove their state of residency, U.S. tourists will be allowed to use a State ID card or their driver’s license. This requirement is waived for minors traveling with a parent. All tourists will also be required to fill out a digital form called a “Health Pass and provide proof of health insurance or buy Costa Rican health insurance.
Finally, starting in September, visitors are permitted to arrive with a layover in a non-authorized location so long as the passenger doesn’t leave the airport. Liberia International Airport will reopen in September.

In case you're trying to rebook your trip to Costa Rica, here are some tips. Guanacaste is in its rainy season through October and the beach weather will start again in November.  However, now this is the driest time of the year on the Caribbean Coast. It's also sea turtle arribada time, which is worth the trip on its own! It's when up to 300,000 turtles arrive onshore in Ostional to lay their eggs. It’s also a beautiful time to see wildlife, take surf lessons, zipline, enjoy a hot spring, whitewater raft, ATV, cliff dive, or just enjoy some quiet mornings, beach time, and solitude with your thoughts and the waves.  

Visitors are currently allowed entry into Costa Rica from the following counties:
  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Swiss Confederation
  4. Vatican State
  5. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  6. Ireland
  7. Japan
  8. New Zealand
  9. Principality of Liechtenstein
  10. Principality of Monaco
  11. Belgium
  12. Denmark
  13. Spain
  14. Netherlands
  15. Norway
  16. Sweden
  17. Thailand
  18. United Kingdom
  19. Czech Republic
  20. Cypriot Republic
  21. Austria
  22. Bulgaria
  23. Korea
  24. Croatia
  25. Slovenia
  26. Estoni
  27. Finland
  28. Hungary
  29. Iceland
  30. Latvia
  31. Lithuania
  32. Malta
  33. Poland
  34. San Marino
  35. Singapore
  36. Slovak Republic
  37. Germany
  38. France
  39. Greece
  40. Italy
  41. Uruguay
  42. China
  43. Portugal
  44. Romania