Zipline in the Rainforest

Ziplining in La Fortuna
This tour is designed not only as an extreme adventure, but a way to enjoy nature without harming the environment. The property is home to scarlet macaws, chestnut mandible toucans, and whiteface monkeys, in addition to spectacular views of Herradura Bay. The adventure starts on a 15-minute ride aboard a specially designed tractor. Once you reach the top of the mountain, bilingual guides will explain the safety procedures for the 12 platforms and 10 cables that collectively make a distance of 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles). You're welcomed back to solid ground with fresh tropical fruits and cool water. What To Bring: comfortable clothes, sunscreen, tennis shoes, and sunglasses.

ADA: the hurdles include each of the 10 platforms. There are no steps to the first or from the last platform. Also, breaking requires some upper body strength (pressing down on the wire behind your head with a glove designed to manage the friction). There are ADA friendly bathrooms on site. 

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