5 Ways to Be Eco-Friendly

Maybe you've recently rekindled your love for nature through hikes, walks, picnics, kayaking, or one of the other epic ways to reset in nature. Or maybe you've loved the great outdoors all along. Either way, there are endless simple tweaks to live a more eco-friendly life. Below are just a few ideas for those whose lives are hectic but would still like to help reduce their negative impact on the world and improve the future of the environment for their kids and his/her wellbeing. After all, you can't have a healthy human without a healthy environment. Plus, who doesn't want to help save sea turtles, dolphins, and whales?

  1. Quit Straws- Just say no (I could show you a horrific picture of straws stuck in the noses of adorable sea turtles, but I just can't stomach the image or the reality... so just say no)
  2. Stop using disposable coffee cups. Bring your favorite cup around with you
  3. Paper over plastic- If you forgot your reusable grocery bags (hey, we're human), ask for paper. It's the lesser evil. Plus, when you empty the groceries, reuse the bag for your recycling, or as a day bag for a picnic.
  4. Avoid single use items, or turn them into multiple use items.
  5. Use glass pyrex storage containers over ziplock bags